It Isn’t For You

Hey you, yeah you, wrestling fan. How about that Rusev and Lana stuff? Am I right? Isn’t it just awful? Don’t you just hate it? Aren’t you seething to hop on Twitter and Facebook and scream about how angry it makes you? Don’t worry, I can help you. There’s one simple phrase that will take all your angst away.

It isn’t for you.

Critiquing a product is one thing. I do it all the time. Personally, I don’t care for the Rusev/Lana/Lashley storyline. I could point to several things wrong with it. I do not complain about it though. WWE has 9 hours of weekly wrestling programming with a roster stacked full of talent. There’s NWA, AEW, Impact, MLW, NJPW and numerous independent promotions. So why would I complain as if this Rusev stuff was the only thing I could possibly be watching?

WWE is a global company that works to appeal to a massive audience. As such, they have to try to include variety in their programming so that there’s a little something for everyone. Why should I get upset over some soap opera stuff meant to appeal to a different type of fan when there was a match like Cole vs Bryan recently? That was a match that was meant for the kind of fan I am. The Rusev and Lana stuff, it isn’t for me. Some might argue that it’s not right that this is the kind of stuff they have Rusev doing, but Rusev and Lana were the ones who came up with this stuff. If they’re happy with what they’re doing, then what good are our complaints? I’ll let the man himself speak.

Fair point, you might be saying. But what about that Saudi stuff? That’s just awful, right? Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan on TV for weeks in the build up. Non wrestlers in high profile matches. Doesn’t it just make your blood boil? WWE forcing such garbage on the fans? I know. I know. It’s tough. Once again, I can help. Have you figured it out?

It isn’t for you.

Once again, WWE is a global company, it has audiences all over the world. Most of that audience does not consist of the hardcore wrestling fanbase. Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were on our TV for weeks because people in Saudia Arabia still want to see Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Cain Velazquez and Tyson Fury were in big matches because the audience in Saudi Arabia likes to see a spectacle and don’t necessarily care that the performers they are watching are skilled professional wrestlers. There is nothing wrong with them enjoying this. They are fans as well and deserve to have WWE entertaining them and giving them a show they like.

Did I like seeing Flair and Hogan around? Not particularly. Was I burning to see Cain Velazquez and Tyson Fury in WWE rings? No, I was not. Was I forced to watch this and only this and ignore all the other wrestling there is (including within WWE itself)? No, I was not. Again, we can critique a product, angle, match, and that’s fine. When we begin to complain though, we are just adding stress and negativity in our lives for no good reason. There is stuff out there for wrestling fans of all persuasions, so enjoy what’s available to you, criticize stuff if you want, but if you ever want to complain, just remember…

It isn’t for you.

And as for the Saudi stuff, well some times a picture speaks more than we ever can.

Until we meet again,
Bryan Anthony


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