Thrown Into the Fire

Greetings to All. I write this post with a sadness in my heart. The more I think about the incident regarding Jim Cornette and his “joke” on this week’s episode of Powerrr, and after reading what Cornette had to say in his podcast, I can’t help but feel like the NWA is handling this situationContinue reading “Thrown Into the Fire”

Rein Him In or Cut Him Loose

***Update: This post was made prior to the announcement that Jim Cornette has resigned from the NWA*** Greetings to All! Oh Jim Cornette. Yesterday, almost immediately after airing, episode 7 of NWA Powerrr was removed from the NWA’s YouTube and Facebook pages. NWA Vice President David Lagana tweeted out this explanation. It doesn’t take muchContinue reading “Rein Him In or Cut Him Loose”

Our Community. Our Voice. Our Passion.

Greetings to All! To begin this entry, let me take you back two years to the beginning of my career as a teacher. The week before school started, there was an orientation for all teachers that were new to the school. That school year, my school had a lot of turnover so there were approximatelyContinue reading “Our Community. Our Voice. Our Passion.”

When a Hardcore Match is just Hardcore and not a Match.

Greetings to All! Let’s jump right in with the most talked about match of the last two days, the unsanctioned Lights Out match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. This match was undeniably the most brutal match that has been seen in mainstream wrestling in quite some time. However, was that brutality enough to makeContinue reading “When a Hardcore Match is just Hardcore and not a Match.”

Welcome to Wrestling 4 All!

Greetings to All! I would like to welcome you all to our brand new blog. We are a group of dedicated fans of all different kinds of wrestling. This venture started out with our Facebook Group, which if you aren’t already a member you should definitely join up here. My vision when starting the groupContinue reading “Welcome to Wrestling 4 All!”