Support Independent Wrestling

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I attended a wrestling show from my local promotion, International Combat Sports. ICS 12 “Black Friday Bedlam” featured local talent as well as former ECW World Champion’s Justin Credible, and Mikey Whipwreck, as well as former ECW TV and Tag Team champion, Pit bull #1 Gary Wolf.

I’m not going critique any matches, but I will say that I was impressed by our local wrestlers. They put on some incredible matches that actually told stories. I honestly expected a night of overused dives/spots, but was pleasantly proven wrong. Even the one death match told a story, and it didn’t involve the ECW wrestlers.

These guys busted their butts to put on a great show, and didn’t disappoint. I’ll admit, I didn’t know the storylines that led up to the matches, but I knew who were the baby faces and who were heels. It was pretty refreshing knowing who was who and it made it fun. The crowd, was bigger than I expected, and cheered or booed accordingly to the wrestlers actions.

After the show was over and a new ICS Champion crowned, I couldn’t help but smile at the fact at how much fun my buddy and I had for a cheap price. I know there’s plenty of wrestling on TV that you can watch every week, but if the opportunity arises, take the chance and go to your local independent show. You may just have a little fun, see some entertaining matches, and possibly meet some legends, all for a great price. I know I did.


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