As The Wrestling World Turns

As a small preface to my first Wrestling4All article, I thought I’d give some of my own background. I’ve written articles for many sites (including my own), host and guest on many wrestling podcasts. We’ll get into my self-indulgence at another time.

This is about wrestling turns and moreso the current trend of turns in wrestling. Wrestlers turning (from heel to face or vice versa) is a tale as old as wrestling itself. There’s wrestlers that never turned, one way or the other. Hello, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. There’s more, but he’s a prime example.

In recent years, it seems turns happen for the sake of the turn. Usually for a crowd reaction, that to be honest, most times doesn’t resonate. Big Show, Natalya, the Bella Twins (never knowing) among many others.

A turn is supposed to be meaningful. Leave you, as a spectator aghast. Hogan being the Third Man for New World Order, Gedo turning his back on Okada, Rollins Chairshot to Dean. And so on.

As a Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox fan, mark, if you will. I wanted them to hold off a little more before the turn, or had done it at a different time, even if it was still during the Takeover show itself.

How the turn happened here made sense. It wasn’t just for the sake of “We have turn someone heel, somewhere”. Which has been happening a lot in all of wrestling in the past few years.

Final thoughts. No, I didn’t want Dakota to turn here, but I thought it worked very well.


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